A Breakthrough In First Responder Training

Built by law enforcement and VR professionals,

SURVIVR enhances first responder and police training using virtual reality.

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SURVIVR® is a platform for immersive virtual reality first responder training. We empower responders to better protect our communities by supplementing the limitations of traditional training.

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is an immersive simulation of a 3D environment; not only can you move and explore, but trainees can interact with subjects and suspects just as they would in the real world.

vr police training

Hyper Realistic Graphics

VR development requires a skillful combination of both software and 3D art. We recruit artists with exceptional portfolios to ensure that our virtual environments are as realistic as possible.

Hands-On Scenarios

Research has shown that VR is significantly more engaging than traditional forms of learning, such as classrooms, videos, and online modules. So both your heart rate and knowledge retention will increase.


SURVIVR® allows for training across several industries, such as the Police, the United States Air Force, and businesses.
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virtual reality police training


Virtual reality police training is one of the best applications of this new technology. SURVIVR allows officers to train in realistic and high pressure scenarios without the liability of live actors.

virtual reality security forces

Air Force

SURVIVR enables our security forces to train in a large number of scenarios, such as gate security, active shooter, and many more.

virtual reality business security

Private Security

Private security is vital to workplace safety. Without effective training, civilians are at risk of harm. SURVIVR aims to increase workplace safety by providing an immersive and cost-effective solution to businesses.

When an active shooting breaks out, everyone becomes a first responder. Our training platform prepares any person for the worst-case scenario. And the best part is, our technology is customizable for any location. SURVIVR is also one of the only VR police and law enforcement training simulators that supports 4+ users for active shooter training at a price that can be up to 10x less expensive than other VR simulators.

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The Most Realistic First Responder Training Simulator.

We utilize cutting-edge scanning technology to create custom environments from existing locations.

The rendition below is an example of an apartment that our team scanned for a domestic violence scenario. When responders train with SURVIVR’s virtual reality training simulator, they will be stepping into an apartment that they could enter in the real world.

Real County apartment
Real apartment in a county that is using the SurviVR VR Simulator
3d scanned virtual reality apartment
3D scanned version inside SurviVR's simulator

Want your first responders to train in a 3D scanned environment? Let us know. This can be applied to any environment you can imagine.

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24/7 Customer Support

SURVIVR’s law enforcement simulators are present at numerous agencies across the nation, and are supported by our dedicated support team. We make sure that your requests and concerns never go unanswered. Feel free to reach out and submit a ticket, ask questions, or just pop in to say hi at any time.

Prefer the old fashioned way? Feel free to email us at support@survivr.freshdesk.com