Beyond a Use of Force Simulator

What happens in the moments after a use of force incident receives a tremendous amount of attention from law enforcement agencies. One of their officers has felt the need to use force on a citizen, and the investigation and scrutiny swell if the circumstance is the use of deadly force. Was this a just use of force? What led up to the shooting? What is the totality of circumstances? These are all very valid and necessary concerns, but SURVIVR is more concerned with preparing an officer on the front side of these incidents in our use of force training simulator.

 A Use of Force Simulator Above the Rest

SURVIVR’s simulator drills these use of force scenarios, but equally as important, it allows the trainee to practice the tactics necessary to prevent the use of force outcomes when possible. De escalation is at the center of most law enforcement agencies’ training. In other words, they are preparing officers to go out and use officer presence, communication, active listening, and heightened situational awareness to bring a suspect under control with the minimum force necessary. Most simulators do not allow this level of practice, and yet this type of training is possibly the most critical. SURVIVR builds the scenarios with the consideration officers need to take actions to buy time, distance, and cover.

Built by Cops for Cops

The agencies SURVIVR services create and guide the scenarios, meaning SURVIVR is a simulator built for cops by cops and how they do the job today. The use of force simulator is much, much more than placing a cadet or in-service officer in a shoot/don’t shoot scenario. The legacy technologies only teach officers when to use deadly force and when not to use force. SURVIVR’s hypothesis is the simulator can train officers to curb many interactions before an escalation in force is ever necessary. 

Hands-on Instructor Control

The SURVIVR system uses instructor input and allows the trainer to control the suspect’s behavior in real-time. Sometimes a suspect is not going to comply, and officers need training for those instances ahead of time. The instructor control allows for this kind of use of force training to take place. In these scenarios, SURVIVR’s life-like design heightens the stress of the situation, preparing the trainee to think and work through the fear and adrenaline. 

If your agency is interested in the use of force simulator that trains officers on the front side of the incident to take the necessary steps to prevent the use of force, contact SURVIVR here to request more information.

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