SURVIVR’s Scenarios for Law Enforcement Training

SURVIVR’s team diligently produces the virtual reality scenarios for law enforcement training, and many of these scenarios originate from real-life calls. The standard of hyperrealism SURVIVR strives to achieve requires the designers to pull from real places, incidents, and experiences from members of the LEO community. How does SURVIVR make the scenarios feel real? In truth, they are authentic, just recreated within virtual reality.

Hyper-Realistic Graphics

The scenarios have to feel real to accomplish quality training. Trainees in the scene should feel the stress and pressure to resolve the situation just as they would on the actual streets, even though they are within the confines of a training environment. SURVIVR often uses images from real locations to recreate the situation. The designers pay keen attention to detail to create life-like complainants, suspects, witnesses, and other actors to make the interaction feel as human as possible. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of a real living room and the virtual room SURVIVR created.

An apartment living room (left) versus the apartment living room in virtual reality designed by SURVIVR.

Origin of the Scenarios for Law Enforcement Training

The SURVIVR scenarios are not fantasy; they come from real life. Several members of the SURVIVR team have prior law enforcement experience, and the scenarios come from actual calls or situations they’ve encountered. Another huge source for the training material comes from the departments SURVIVR services. The various agencies often submit ideas for training from specific incidents their officers have encountered. SURVIVR’s training scenarios are designed by cops, for cops.

The Weapons

It’s imperative the weapons in the trainee’s hands feel real. The Taser, sidearm, rifle, and even the flashlight used in the virtual reality training all are weighted to feel like the real weapons and tools on their duty belt. Furthermore, SURVIVR matches the standard-issue weapons used by each department to ensure everything from the grip and weight to the sights are the same. Trainees must rely on the sights within the virtual environment to aim. Even in virtual reality, we know an essential part of law enforcement training is accountability for every round fired. These sights are accurate, and shot tracking is available in the playback at the end of each scenario. 

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