Augmented Reality Police Simulator

Apprehending a suspect in an augmented reality police simulator.

Most people are at least familiar with virtual reality (VR), but augmented reality (AR) maybe a little less known by the masses. In virtual reality, the scene and digital world inside the goggles appears real but is entirely coded and designed. In augmented reality, the location is literally the room, space, building the participant is standing in when the goggles are worn. The real scene is the basis, and then the scenario is added to reality. An augmented reality police simulator is the next logical advancement for law enforcement training. 

How an Augmented Reality Police Simulator would Work

Let’s say your agency would like to train for an active shooter in a school. The training would take place in the school, and the officers would move around the school as they usually would. However, while wearing the goggles for augmented reality, trainers would be able to add panicked students, witnesses, and the shooter or shooters to the scenario. Keep in mind these additional characters in the scene are digital and not live actors. The technology literally augments the reality the officers are using for training. Officers would traverse the location just as they would in a real situation at the school, allowing them to drill for an active shooter.

Why Augmented Reality is the Future

Imagine being able to practice any variety of scenarios at any soft target in your community. SURVIVR is working in this direction. Augmented reality will allow officers to train for a variety of threats right in the community they serve. The solution offers an unprecedented level of preparation with minimal interruption to those businesses, schools, and places of worship.

The Cost-Benefit of an Augmented Reality Police Simulator

The cost savings that an augmented reality simulator would create are huge. Typically officers train in soft targets using simunition rounds, which are expensive and leave behind a big mess. The agency also saves on any personnel costs associated with live actors. Also, with the playback features, the agency could conduct these drills with a minimal amount of staff. 

The excellent news is augmented reality is also becoming more affordable, which means in the not too distant future, an augmented reality police simulator will be available for law enforcement agencies across the country.

To learn more about SURVIVR’s existing virtual reality simulator, click here.

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