SURVIVR’s Stance on Excessive Force

SURVIVR condemns all police brutality, as highlighted by the recent murder of George Floyd. As partners and allies of many law enforcement agencies, we know those in the law enforcement profession also feel the same and are angered by what we’ve all seen in Minneapolis.

SURVIVR’s sole purpose is to provide law enforcement agencies with a powerful tool for officers to practice de-escalation. The word “de-escalation” is often used. At its core, it means merely listening, understanding, and responding appropriately to witnesses, victims, complainants, and suspects to bring about peaceful control and order into chaotic situations. In other words, it’s communication.

SURVIVR’s simulator trains officers to gain control of scenes with the least amount of force as possible, which creates safer outcomes for officers and the communities they serve. We remain true to our mission to create better, safer, and more effective officers so everyone (officers and civilians) can make it home at the end of their day.

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