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(DALLAS, TX – Feb. 10, 2021) — SURVIVR is pleased to announce that the virtual reality training company received its second Phase I SBIR Grant from AFWERX, a very competitive grant which the company will use to build new features for the United States Air Force. SURVIVR will begin working closely with stakeholders within the Air Force to determine which features and projects SURVIVR will add to the existing training simulator.

“We are thrilled that SURVIVR was selected again for this AFWERX grant, and we will continue our work with the Air Force Security Forces Squadrons to create new training opportunities,” said Brian Hoang, CEO of SURVIVR. “At this time, we work with multiple types of law enforcement agencies across the country, but we look forward to deepening our relationship with the Air Force to bring our training simulator to a greater number of Security Forces Squadrons.”

About SBIR

The Small Business Research Innovation (SBIR) program enables small businesses to bring their technology to larger government organizations, like the Air Force, through a competitive grant program. Only 1,000-1,500 grants are awarded each year to small businesses, out of thousands of applicants. However, the program continues to become more competitive, with 300-500 companies advancing to Phase 2 of the grant with additional funding. The purpose of the funds is to research and develop new features, tools, and technology. SURVIVR has received both Phase 1 and Phase 3 SBIR contracts in the past for our work with the United States Air Force and looks forward to bringing more of our innovative solutions to the military.


SURVIVR is a Public Benefit Corporation that delivers the next generation of simulators for first responder training. Through virtual reality (VR), SURVIVR created the most interactive and responsive simulator available. The days of using simulators to teach only shoot/don’t shoot scenarios with only one possible outcome are gone. SURVIVR’s simulator drills officer safety, de-escalation, critical decision making, protocol, and much more. To learn more about SURVIVR, request a demo by clicking here.

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