SURVIVR's Private Security Training Simulator

Training for Businesses and Private Security

SURVIVR offers a wide array of virtual reality private security training modules using virtual environments. Our platform is industry agnostic and can be installed locally at a business to help train security personnel in the event of an issue that requires deescalation.

virtual reality business security
SURVIVR's Active Shooter Training being demonstrated at a business

Advantages of Virtual Reality Training Over Other Forms of Training

Traditionally, most businesses have two forms of training, classroom based training, and live training. Both have their pros and cons, but SURVIVR’s platform allows for a good portion of their faults to be remedied. Please take a look at the chart below, which reveals the benefits of using SURVIVR’s virtual reality platform for your private security.

virtual reality business security

Virtual Reality Active Shooter Training and Security

Every business is susceptible to potential dangers from individuals that may have ill intentions. Every business has a responsibility to ensure a safe work space to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, this comes at a great cost and can often be a hassle to execute properly. Allowing your security to practice dealing with worst-case-scenarios in a training environment is almost impossible. In order to perform live active shooter training, entire buildings have to be cleared out for days or weeks, just to get every individual through a single training session. Live-actor training is simply too expensive, time consuming, and very difficult to repeat. Not only that, but there have been reported accidental fatal shootings due to live actor training. Virtual reality training is not only the smart choice to aid the many faults of traditional training, it is the right choice.

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