Don't settle for cartoon graphics.

When utilizing virtual reality for police training or first responder training, it is absolutely vital to make sure your simulation is realistic. This is one of the many reasons why SURVIVR recruits seasoned artists and industry experts to create the most realistic scenarios. Bystanders and suspects in SURVIVR’s simulations are more realistic than any other virtual reality police or first responder training simulator to date. 

Photo realistic suspects and environments

It Doesn't Stop There.

SURVIVR’S team strives to provide the most realistic environments. We push boundaries of graphical limitations to ensure that every pixel is in the correct spot. The screenshots below are just a glimpse of what SURVIVR has to offer. It is important to note, looking at these environments on a 2D screen does not do them justice. If you would like to see what these environments look like in a completely immersive setting with depth, positional tracking, and more, reach out to us for a free demo