The SURVIVR Platform - The Most Realistic VR Police Training Simulator

SURVIVR is the most realistic VR police training simulator to date. The environments produced by SURVIVR are based on existing settings in the real world. We take 3D scans and high definition screenshots of real world objects, and place them in our virtual police training simulations to give you the best VR experience possible and making it far more immersive than screen-based simulators. Furthermore, our training firearms fit in your holster and have a very similar weight to their real counterparts. Lastly, SURVIVR is one of the most affordable VR police training systems.

Comparison between SURVIVR and the real world

The Most Cost Effective VR Police Training simulator on the market

Affordable VR Police training Simulator

What do I get with the system?

SURVIVR offers a wide array of different accessories. We aim to allow every police department to train with a replica of their duty weapon. When you jump into a SURVIVR simulation, you will be using realistically weighted firearms and accessories to make sure your training experience is as realistic as possible.

VR Assault Rifle Toolset
VR Tools Set Police Training

It doesn’t stop there. SURVIVR does not discriminate against your taste in handguns, we strive to offer every duty handgun in existence. Additionally, SURVIVR offers several other duty weapons and tools, such as shotguns, ASP expandable batons, OC Spray, and more.

SURVIVR Active Shooter Security Forces
SURVIVR is one of the only VR systems to support multiple officers in the same simulation. In fact, the United States Security Forces uses SURVIVR's system to train for active shooters.

Along with some of the weapon and tool choices shown above, you will receive the following:

  • SURVIVR Instructor VR Desktop System
  • SURVIVR’s proprietary software
  • High Definition Wireless VR Headset
  • Proprietary voice input system for suspect control
  • Post scenario playback analysis system
  • Eye-tracking capabilities
  • Multi-User connectivity
  • High definition speaker for increased realism and class viewing purposes
  • Environment scanning capabilities
  • Much more…

If you want a full list of specific proprietary features and equipment, please reach out to us using the form below. We also have a list of supported scenario platforms here.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all of our training providers have cancelled their in-person classes. With SURVIVR, we have been able to continue to provide our team with this essential training. The scenarios within the simulator feel extremely real, and SURVIVR has paid great attention to detail in their construction."
Chief of Police Colleyville Survivr
Chief Miller
Colleyville Chief of Police

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